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Faction: Alliance
Server: Pagel NA PvE
Raid times: Tues/Thurs/Sun from 8:30-10:30 PM ET (subject to change)
Roster Status: Limited recruitment (see the #class-recruitment-needs channel and also here on the site)
Loot: DKP Bidding

1. 21 or older. Speak to an officer for more info.
2. Zero tolerance policy regarding harassment.

Rank Names and Roles:
Grand Marshal - Guild master
Commander - Guild officers
Raid Leader - Raid coordinator
Class Leader - Class coordinator
Sergeant - Core raid member (No DKP limit)
Corporal - Initiate raider (200 DKP bid limit)
Private - Members and trial raiders (100 DKP bid limit)
Scialytic Alliance PvE Guild
Hello there!

Thanks for taking the time to read about Scialytic and seeing if you want to become a part of our guild. Below will be an explanation of how we operate and what matters to us compared to other guilds you might be looking into.

To begin with, this is a guild that has been organized by WoW veterans of the past decade. Our experiences vary from a variety expansions, level of involvement of raiding and leadership, and we have a wide background from what we do with our life with families, jobs, and interests. One key thing to say right from the get go is that there will be NO mentality of hierarchy. What we care about most is playing the game we all love and being able to organize the right group of people together to experience it with and make great friendships and progress through the game together.

First and foremost; We are all in it together and each member is EQUALLY IMPORTANT and will always be that way! This guild will be treated as a semi-hardcore guild. We have plenty of goals that we are striving to meet in order to achieve our vision for the guild. One of those goals are that we are planning to do a full guild run of Molten Core in September. This isn't an easy feat, but it is certainly possible. Our members will not be pressured into leveling faster, but, our progress will be monitored so things can still go around the pace we are planning for.

A few things to state with our philosophy behind the guild..

*There will be NO loot council ever. No items on reserve. No hierarchy. Our guild will operate on the DKP system. In our strongly felt collective opinion, giving the best items to one single person is not going to be the difference between killing Nefarian in BWL or the Twin Emperors in AQ or wiping. What is going to give us success is competent raid leading and players that do their job and learn the mechanics they need for each scenario. If you want to go BD and save DKP for a first binding for Thunderfury and you're a rogue, you can do that! (Some things are situational and will be discussed such as second bindings/Preist and Hunter Quest items and how that works.We will suggest that being in the hands of the individual classes and their class leaders) but you get the picture.

*There will be an age restriction for needing to be 21 years or older in this guild. If you resonate with our guild and our philosophy and might be younger than our policy and wish to speak to myself or an officer directly about it, we will not shut you away and will hear you out. But, this is the standard policy we will follow.

*We will NOT be min maxing to make our raid as "efficient as possible". If you want to be a boomkin or a ret paladin, you will not be automatically denied. The point of this whole experience is to have fun and we can clear all content with any composition we want. If we have 30-35 traditional specs and classes for our composition and the rest are vary and have some not as common specs, we will still clear all of the content in each phase. This isn't Mythic + retail raiding. We know that we can still succeed with this allowance. We were recently a part of the Elysium project that happened a couple of years ago. The guild we joined was very successful and had off spec members in that composition. What matters most in clearing content is competent leadership and players performing their roles correctly. Having a ret paladin is not going to be why we might wipe on rag for the second time. It all comes down to the players no matter what class or spec!

*Anyone that is interested in an officer position including class leadership/raid leading/profession mains are all available to be given to. We already have people in place that can raid lead and be the head of a class, but, if someone that wants to join our guild and is passionate about something like that, anything is open for discussion about what you might want to do.

*The guild time is set in Eastern time and our slated plan for raiding is Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8:30-10:30PM. This is not a final time and a decision will be decided by the members from our polling and future discussion.

*There will be a NO TOLERANCE policy for harassment of any kind. Feel free to be yourself and share your humor as there are no restrictions on swearing or who you are and have a drink or two with us when we play! But, any case of harassment toward any player will lead to immediate removal. People that are generally aggressive and immature will quickly be talked to. If no change comes from that players behavior they will also be kicked.

We are looking forward to having a hell of a time with some great people. We can't wait!